Monday, May 1, 2017

One year with my bike, Nandi - Part 1

Its been a year I got my bike, Royal Enfield Classic 350. It was my thought of passion to own a Bullet. Travelling being adhesive by birth, have traveled across the places by various modes, been ride with friends in their bike. So got a thrilled passion to go for rides in my own bike.

One fine day after some discussion and arranging some money, booked my dream bike. Plan was to get Electra 350, but finalized to Classic 350 after suggestions from friends. After a month of waiting period, got my bike in the mid of May 2016. Though my plan of first ride was to my native Halebeedu and to visit Pushpagiri hill near my village, couldn't plan accordingly.

May 21st-Yediyur:

My rides begun within a week after I got my bike. First ride was to Yediyur Siddalingeshwara temple near Kunigal on May 21st and it was solo ride. Its a ritual to perform worship (puje) for new vehicle.So decided to go to Yediyur temple. Now I visits Yediyur temple every time I go for ride in that route.
Yediyur Temple

After few days got a call from my friend Darshan. He being a avid traveler wanted to go somewhere and called me to go for some trip. After few suggestions in mind, we decided to go to Ramanagara hills (Ramadevara betta, hills of God Rama) also known as Sholay hills which got such name since the Sholay film was shot there,

June 4th- Ramadevara betta, Sei Revana Siddeshwara betta

So, it was June 4th 2016, early morning we started our ride. I picked him from his home in Vijaynagar and we started towards Mysuru road. Since it was Saturday and already Mysuru road was rush with number of vehicles. After a break at Bidadi to have delicious tatte idli and vade, we moved towards Ramanagar. By the time we reach checkpost , the main entrance was not yet opened.So parked bike there only, crossed fencing and started towards main steps to reach top of hill by walk itself. 

Ramadevara Temple

After climbing in unauthorized hill, reached the foot hill where steps begins. Then reached temple. From there, if we go behind the temple, we can climb to another hill. Took rest for some time, then moved towards top. After a salam to Hanuman statue carved in the rock, climbed the steps to reach top. Sat there in a calm breeze for some time, enjoying the nature and other hills around.
He got this centipede to play

After getting down from Ramanagara hills, decided to go to Sri Revana Siddeshwara hills popularly known as (SRS Hills). Have to reach there from Ramanagar. Had to climb around 1000 steps to reach the top of hill to visit the temple. Though we were little tired to climb the second hill in a day, and since we both are trekkers we managed with less hassle. After visiting a temple, we got down and had a food in the temple where they have a Daasoha for all visitors. 

Though I decided to return back to Bengaluru from SRS hills itself since there was a sign if rain, Darshan insisted to visit Kaveri sangama near Mekedaatu. We got the routes from some locals there and ride towards Sangama which was around 60 kms from Revana Siddeshwara betta. 

When we give juice, even monkey will not say NO. This at SRS Hill

After a nice swimming in Sangama, we started towards Bengaluru and we got stuck in rain in the middle and had to stop for sometime near Satanur and reached home around 9 PM.

June 10th-13th, Halebeedu, Pushpagiri, Chikkamagalur

Then a week after a day comes to take my bike to my native for first time. En-route to my native visited Yediyur again and reached my home. After seeing my bike and knowing its cost, family members and friends starting saying "you would have taken car by adding some more amount to this, instead of taking this bike." Believe me, at least 100 people have said this to me. I tolerated some how.

Getting down from Pushpagiri

Next day, went to Pushpagiri hills near my village where Mallikarjuna swamy temple is there to perform ritual puje there. After coming back, my Dad asked about my bike's gear and all,then without my notice he took my bike ,went for a test ride and said "it is very good for ride, worth for that amount". Then he took my Mom for a round. And from then he stopped saying the dialogue about car that "you would have taken car....." Since the day I booked it, he used to say, why that much costly bike, instead you buy a car. But that dialogues stopped this day.

Next day was suppose to attend some function in Kadur and I decided to go via Chikkamagalur. It was thrill to ride in the country side in the village mud roads when your bike is OK for all roads. 

Stopped in the middle, when some old man asked for lift

In Chikkamagalur met my friends Bhagya and Vidruma and then spot decision was made to go to Hirekolale lake which is around 10 kms from Chikkamagalur in the foothill of western ghats. Ride was awesome in the midst of forest and in cool weather. 

At Hirekolale lake

After having a delicious Masale dose and hot Jamoon at town canteen, Chikkamagalur we departed and I ride towards Kadur in the ghat road where there are few scary bends. 

After coming back to my native, went to Hulikallu hills near Halebeedu where Veerabhadreshwara temple is there. It was many years back I visited there and recently there was temple renovation happened. So my parents said, will go there also since I got a new bike and same day new calf was born in our home. So decided to go there.

Hulikal Veerabhadreshwara Temple

After 750 kms of ride covering Yediyur, Pushpagiri, Hirekolale lake, Hulikalu betta reached Bangalore with other ride plans.

About  more rides in the upcoming posts..


  1. Awesome! Wish you many many happy rides!

    1. Thank you so much Sir... about more rides coming in next part.