Thursday, May 4, 2017

One year with my bike, Nandi - Part 2

July 24th, 2016 - Goravanahally

This time it was my friend Malli who insisted to go for a ride. Also, it was already a month I had been for any ride outside city. We searched for places within 100 kms from Bangalore and finalized to Goravanahally Mahalakshmi temple. It was decade ago had visited this temple when been to my friend's home nearby Goravanahally.

Our ride started from Banashanakri, Benagluru via Nice road, then to Tumkur road. After Nelamanagala will reach Dabbaspet. From there have to take right towards Koratagere. If we take left, we can go to Shivagange hills. We stopped at Dabbaspet to have breakfast and then started towards Goravanahally.  After having devi darshana at temple, we went to Theetha dam which is near by. Took rest there for sometime and started back to Bangalore and reached by evening after around 200 kms of ride to and fro.. Though we planned to go to Devarayanadurga on the way. somehow plan got dropped.

Gang of local kids at Theetha dam

July 31st, 2016- Ghati Subramanya and Nandi hills

After a week, again planned for some ride. This time plan was made 2-3 days prior only. Two more friends were suppose to join the ride in another bike, But Friday night they cancelled. We both, me and Malli do not wanted to cancel the ride, so as per plan, next day early morning we started our ride.

From Bangalore to Yelahanka, from there to Doddaballapura and then Ghati Subrahmanya temple. We stopped at Yelahanka to withdraw amount from ATM and some funny incident happened there. After withdrawing money, we sat on bike and were discussing whether to have breakfast at hotel next to the ATM or somewhere else. Then we decided to have somewhere after Yelahanka. Then I while I was wearing helmet,he had got down from bike and I was unaware of it.  I stared bike and started riding.I was murmuring something to him about route, and this much kms to ride and all. Then after around 4 kms of ride, Suddenly, I realized he is not in the pillion seat. I got a shock and was thinking did he fell down from bike somewhere. Immediately I stopped and saw few missed calls from him. Then called him, went back to pick him again.

At Ghati Subrahmanya temple

Near Ghati entrance

After having a fine darshana at temple, we checked the routes to Nandi hills,which was near by. So started towards Nandi hills, it came as a unplanned package.Then by asking short cut routes with locals, somehow we reached base of Nandi hills.

Uphill towards top of Nandi hills 
Since it was weekend and was hugely crowded. we dont wanted to spend more time in Nandi hills.So after quick walk around the park, temple and all, we got down and had lunch in the foothill. Then we checked route to Baagalore and decided to ride via Nandi cross,since we can visit Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple at Nandi village which was near by.

Kanive Basavanna

On the way to Nandi village, we visited Kanive Basavanna temple, at Sultanpet village where its believed that huge Nandi a monolithic is growing ever year. The Nandi is abut 5 feet height. We sat there for sometime, it was very less crowded and more peaceful. 
Temple complex

From Basavanna temple, we reached Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple, a 9th century temply built by Nolamba dynasty at Nandi village. Since I was more interested towards history and architecture of historical temples, I was moving slowly around the temple complex and trying to understand the architecture. 

I enjoyed each and every pillars of temple and sculpture there. Felt that I need to visit it once again and to spend more time here. Then after spending ample of time, stared towards Bengaluru via Nandi cross which concocts Bangalore-Hyderabad highway.
Few more posts to come about my other rides.

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