Tuesday, May 9, 2017

One year with my bike, Nandi - Part 4

Sep 10th, 2016 - Mysuru

Me and Malli had registered for Celebrations Mysore 10K run. It was scheduled for Sep 11th. Though we decided to ride to Nanjanagudu on Saturday and coming back to Bangalore after Marathon, couldn't go to Nanjanagudu since I got office that day. There were number of bandhs happening due to Kaveri issue called by different organisations and to compensate the bandh day, had to work on Saturday. So plan to Nanjanagudu got cancelled. But sill we rode to Mysuru. Many of my friends suggested not to go in bike, since we need to cross Mandya, where strikes were extreme, we decided to go in bike itself.

Next day after Marathon, we met my beloved friend Balu Sir at his residence. Many thanks to him for arranging our stay at Youth Hostel,Mysuru. Then after meeting him, we ride back to Bangalore.

Oct 30-Nov 1, 2016 - Halebeedu

It was 3 days vacation for Deepawali. I dont wanted to park my bike in Bangalore and go to native for festival. My parents had already warned not to come in bike to native, if I am coming alone. Though last time when I had been to native alone, this time my parents warned like this. 2 days before the vacation, asked my colleague Sanjay, whose native is around 10 kms from my home. We decided to go together in my bike. Next day, early morning I picked him near his home and started our ride. Though we wished to had breakfast specially Thatte Idli at Kunigal,it was too early to have. So continued our ride and stopped at Bellur cross for breakfast. Then we started towards Hassan. I dropped him at his native and went to my home. 

After reaching home, had few happy rides to Pushpagiri hills and other places. After festival I picked Sanjay at Hassan and returned to Bangalore. Usually, Hassan-Bangalore highway will be free, but this time since it was festival and long weekend, it was huge traffic compared to usual days. We got stuck in rain mid way, stopped at many places due to rain and finally reached Bangalore

Jan 22, 2017 - Ranganathittu

Ufff. It was already 3 months since I ad been for a ride in my bike, This time my friend Poornesha came to my room. He was saying to go some where. I told him, will go for a ride to some place towards Mysore road. He said doesn't like to come in bike, instead will go in bus. I gave some build up about Bullet and told about the birds will be migrated in this season. Finally some how convinced him for a ride. We decided to go to Ranganathittu, which is around 140 kms from Bangalore.

Next day, early morning we staretd our ride. As usual. stopped at Bidadi for Thate Idli, Vade for breakfast. Around 10 we reached Ranganathittu. After Mandya, then comes SriRangaPattana. Then from there have to take diversion to right to reach Ranganathittu bird sanctury.

Painted Stork

To visit Ranganathittu, Dec-Jan will be the best season, since birds started migrating from other countries as well. We got a chance to see painted stork and openbill stork. Also, few other birds.

Openbill Stork. migrated from Siberia

After bird sanctuary, we visited RanganatahSwamy temple at SriRangaPattana and returned back to Bnagaolore by evening. After this ride, Poornesha was telling, he'll never come for any bike trip with me in this bike, since its difficult to sit as a pillion in Bullet. Till now, its almost 4 months, I am not able to convince him for another ride.

Few other rides in the next and last post.

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